• SOTO Abogados, in its vocation to provide legal services, both to individuals and companies, makes available to its clients a work model in specialized groups and practice areas made up of lawyers and economists so that in advising the client they remain covered each and every one of the different areas of specialization.

  • Thanks to their double training, legal-economic and their constant training, these teams of experts can offer advice at all times that responds and anticipates the legislative and business demands of clients.

  • The foregoing has led SOTO Abogados to overcome the traditional classification of specialty that in turn caused an organization of work, training and knowledge that today must accommodate the double phenomenon of disciplinary interrelation and normative dispersion.



SOTO Abogados has extensive experience in specialized advice on Corporate or individual, public and private Labor Law and litigation. We offer legal advice on the following matters:– Preparation and formalization of individual employment contracts.

– Design and presentation of internal work regulations.

– Registration with the respective labor authorities.

– Changes in the terms and conditions of work.

– Termination of labor relations.

– Advice to multinational companies in the application of corporate labor law.

– Effectively defend corporations that are being sued either by former employees, or by state social security or labor inspection agencies, in judicial or administrative proceedings.

– Assistance in resolving labor disputes between employers and employees.

– Negotiation of out-of-court settlements, administrative conflict mediation and labor litigation.


We have extensive experience and we are in charge of providing capital raising and private placement services, advice on mergers and acquisitions and investment management, which places us in an unbeatable position in order to advise investors in the following areas:

– Formation of companies

– Fiduciary services

– Immigration matters

– Tax matters

– Aspects related to intellectual property

– Compliance with environmental regulations

– Consulting on hiring and labor aspects

– Free trade zone

– Tourism projects

– Fusions and acquisitions

– Asset purchases

– Volume sales transactions

– Stock market affairs and corporate recovery

– Leveraged buyouts

– Divestments and transfers of companies

– Advice on favorable investment structures

– Contracts

– Government relations and political risk

– Legal and contractual risk

– Expropriation

– Withdrawal of investments


The Tax Law Department accumulates extensive experience in the tax matters of our clients.

Our extensive experience places us in an unbeatable position in order to advise, plan and anticipate possible contingencies that may arise either at a private level, or in the businesses of our clients.

Likewise, the experience accumulated with the tax administration allows us to face with guarantees any type of review in the management or inspection phase that it may carry out.

The actions and services of our activity are:

– Ongoing advice to individuals, businesses and companies in the proper attention of their tax obligations.

– Analysis of taxation of specific economic operations, formulating those alternatives that lead to an optimization of the tax burden. Special mention should be made of financial, real estate, asset structuring operations, etc.

– Planning of corporate structures from a tax perspective considering both the national and international scope.

– Taxation of company restructuring operations and, in particular, merger and acquisition operations.

– Taxation of personal and family assets, focusing on aspects of estate and inheritance taxation.



The purpose of an audit is to confirm the legal situation of the company, analyze contingencies and avoid unpleasant and costly surprises.

At SOTO Abogados we have lawyers who are in charge of performing an integral study of the performance of the legal department or external lawyers of your company.

They function as an external criterion, carried out by experts in the field, on the actions and work of the Company’s lawyers and becomes an instrument of control over one of the most difficult areas to know and control for the Company’s Management and Board of Directors.

By regaining control over this important area, SOTO Abogados guarantees the Company’s decision makers that they will now have the necessary tools to make objective and well-founded decisions when making the changes they deem appropriate.


This department has extensive experience in advising and consulting for banks and other financial intermediaries.

This advice includes:

– Preparation and negotiation of loan contracts, line of credit, formalization and documentation of credit operations.

– Planning, development and advice to mortgage departments.

– Preparation and registration of real and personal guarantees.

– Securities and credit titles.

– Constitution, operation and modification of all types of trust agreements.

– Pre-collection service, administrative and/or extrajudicial collection.

– Judicial collection, execution of mortgage guarantees, pledges and executive titles in general.

– Execution of guarantee trust agreements.

– Preparation and implementation of factoring contracts and their operations and execution.

– Advice on checks, bank current accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit or investment.

– Advice on signature credits, documentary credits, compliance and participation guarantees.

– Regulatory advice with the General Superintendency of Financial Entities (SUGEF), General Superintendence of Securities (SUGEVAL), Superintendence of Pensions (SUPEN), and the National Council for the Supervision of the Financial System (CONASSIF).

– Bank contracts in general.

– Portfolio discounts.

-Security contracts.

– Securitization of assets and structuring of issues.

-Advice to entities recognized as institutions that are normally dedicated to carrying out international operations and first-rate entities.

– Management of requests for compensation and insurance claims.

– Relations with intermediaries (“Insurance Marketing Agencies”).

– Reinsurance.


SOTO Abogados has an Administrative Law Department, made up of specialized and highly experienced staff. The advice on this matter is of the highest quality, responsibility and efficiency.

The specialization of our firm, in Administrative Law, includes:

– Requirements and environmental projects.

– Advice on issues related to the Maritime-Terrestrial Zone.

– Municipal law.

– Advice on administrative law for tourist developments.

– Concessions.

– Administrative contracting

– Public services.

– Telecommunications.

– Regulations and operation of the Public Administration

– Administrative Procedures.

– Administrative and constitutional litigation

– Analysis of compliance and regulatory interpretation

– Advice on hydrocarbons

– Advice on public/private agreements (Public Private Partnership)



Developers must deal with complex and diverse rules set by various decentralized agencies.

Our professionals have the ability to provide:

– Advice in the phases of design, development and operation of projects.

– Advice on administrative procedures: processing of authorizations, sanctioning procedures for violations of laws and regulations for the protection of the environment, procedure for ecological damage.

– Acquisition operations of companies, real estate or industrial complexes: legal audit processes and advice on responsibilities arising from environmental contingencies.

– Analysis and advice, in the administrative field for the implementation of renewable energy complexes: Obtaining permits, licenses as well as their legal structuring.

– Analysis and advice on obtaining financing for projects and their legal structuring. In this sense, analysis of business viability, optimal investment and financing structures from the legal and fiscal point of view.

– Attention to administrative, constitutional, criminal litigation, among others.


The Department of Procedural Law and Civil Law advises on all kinds of processes in civil and commercial matters, in all its instances and institutions: additionally, it advises on alternative dispute resolution: arbitrations and mediations, on the same matters.

The department also provides contracting, advisory and full defense services in matters of property, collateral rights, personality and fundamental rights, inheritance matters, family and matters and civil contracting of all kinds.

In particular:

– Contractual and non-contractual liability actions.

– Product liability.

– Professional responsibility.

– Civil liability actions.

– Unfair competition actions.

– Conflicts arising from agency, distribution, concession and franchise contracts.

– Urban leases.

– Horizontal property.

– Processes on validity, execution and interpretation of contracts.

– Processes on resolution and rescission of national and international contracts.

– Corporate conflicts.

– Challenge of social agreements.

– Corporate governance.

– Bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes.

– Probate.

– Family issues (marriages, divorce, separation, alimony, custody, recognition, etc.)

– Disabilities.

– Execution of real and personal guarantees.

– Provisional and definitive executions of judicial resolutions.

– Arbitration awards.

– Payment procedures and precautionary measures.

– Enforcement of international judgments and awards.


In terms of Bankruptcy Law, SOTO Abogados provides advice to the different parties that may be affected by the eventual crisis situation of a company, covering the different situations that may arise from it, including, among others, group restructuring procedures, debt refinancing, defense of the rights of creditors, advice on directors’ liability, investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities and, in general, advice on bankruptcy proceedings.


To this end and by way of example, the following activities are carried out:


– Bankruptcy administrations.

– Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

– Representation of debtors in bankruptcy proceedings.

– Pre-bankruptcy audits.

– General advice on insolvency matters.



The Department of Commercial Law provides advice both from a business perspective (corporate, contracting, corporate governance) and in special operations (mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate restructuring, etc.)

The main areas of practice of the Commercial Law Department are the following:

– Mergers and acquisitions

– Private equity / Project financing

– Competence

– Data Protection

– Corporate

– Commercial contracting

– Corporate restructuring

– Consumers and users

– Bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes

– Import and Export of products


The Criminal Department of SOTO Abogados deals with, among others, the following issues:


– Business Crimes

– Frauds

– Banking, financial and stock market crimes

– Crimes against life and health

– Traffic events

– Medical malpractice

– Hospital liability

– Experimentation on human beings

– Crimes against honor

– press offenses

– Defamation of a legal person

– Crimes against intellectual property

– Cybercrime

– Archaeological crimes

– Crimes against the environment


The Department of Intellectual Property provides legal advice in relation to all intangible rights that have to do with the intellectual and creative activity of the human being and his person, both in the contractual aspect (transmission, exploitation of rights, etc.), and in defense (protection of rights, defense against infringements by third parties, etc.).

The Department advises both individuals and companies that in some way exploit intangible rights.

The main areas of practice are the following:

– Copyright

– Industrial Property Rights (trademarks, patents and designs).

-Sanitary Registration of Products (food, cosmetics, medicines, chemical products, etc.)

– Image rights

– Publicity Law

– Sponsorship and sponsorship.

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