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Founded in 1985, Soto Abogados is governed under the perspective of providing the best service to our clients. We offer high quality legal representation in all of our practice areas.

Soto Abogados has successfully positioned itself within the Costa Rican and foreign legal market, thanks to its commitment to provide its clients with quality service, responsibility, ethical values and integrity.

The partners of the firm have worked in various prestigious firms. Likewise, the associates and assistants of Soto Abogados have been chosen from among the best professionals.

Strategically, Soto Abogados has a consolidated network of firms with which it frequently collaborates to provide custom built services.

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The vision of Soto Abogados is to seek lasting trust based on the quality and results that our advice originates, thus obtaining the satisfaction of our clients. Our permanent commitment to achieve work standards that provide added value to the interests of the client, is materialized through the training of our professionals, the established work procedures, the Client Satisfaction Program and above all, our Vision and Values.
  • Responsiveness:

Soto Abogados knows that a prompt response is an essential factor in business and one of the most valued qualities in international transactions. Aware of this need, the firm’s professionals undertake their work with the commitment to carry it out with full dedication and resolve it as quickly as possible.

  • Quick response

Soto Abogados knows that speed is an essential factor in commercial relations and one of the most valued qualities in international transactions. Aware of this requirement, the firm’s professionals undertake their work with the commitment to carry it out with full dedication and solve it with the utmost diligence possible, the only limit being that set by the demands of excellent quality.

  • Obtaining Results

The purpose of Soto Abogados, in each case that is entrusted to it, is to exceed the expectations of the clients. For this reason, our professionals provide legal advice convinced that achieving their clients’ objectives is the best way to measure our effectiveness and value our contribution.

  • Advanced Technology

Soto Abogados has made a strong commitment to the incorporation of the most advanced technology, providing professionals with access to state-of-the-art computer and multimedia resources that allow them to speed up and increase the efficiency of their actions and interventions.

  • Long-lasting trust

The legal representation we offer at Soto Abogados is designed to provide our clients with stable and lasting assistance.

  • International Capacity

The relationships that Soto Abogados maintains with other prestigious law firms provide it with the capacity for immediate legal action in the main countries of the region. We have alliances with companies of national and international prestige to provide comprehensive, diversified and supportive legal advice.

Our professionals

Thanks to their robust training and experience, our team of experts can provide high-level advice that meets the demands of our clients.



Lic. Guido Soto Quesada

Founding partner. Lawyer and Notary Public

Lic. Roberto Soto Jiménez

Managing Partner. Lawyer

Licda. Lidiette Jimenez Arias

Lawyer and Notary Public

Licda. Julissa Valverde Fernández

Lawyer and Notary Public

Licda. Fabiana Solís Quintanilla

Lawyer and Notary Public.

Licda. Johanna Gómez


Lic. Gerardo Bogantes Rivera

Lawyer and Public Notary.

Johana Soto Zúñiga

Administrative Assistant

María Chinchilla Benavides

Cleaning and Maintenance.



SOTO Abogados, in its vocation to provide legal services, both to individuals and companies, makes available to its clients a work model in specialized groups and practice areas made up of lawyers and economists so that in advising the client they remain covered each and every one of the different areas of specialization.
Thanks to their double training, legal-economic and their constant training, these teams of experts can offer advice at all times that responds and anticipates the legislative and business demands of clients.
The foregoing has led SOTO Abogados to overcome the traditional classification of specialty that in turn caused an organization of work, training and knowledge that today must accommodate the double phenomenon of disciplinary interrelation and normative dispersion.



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